Standard home screens in EventPilot are based on your graphics. You can design your home screen to look like one larger coherent image like Ocean Sciences and Pittcon on the right. 

How do I create a large graphic? 

Use a graphic editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. In those tools, you could a single coherent graphic. 

The banners are created at 768 pixels wide and 160 pixels tall. If you have 5 banners on top of each other, your base graphic is 800 pixels tall. 

5 banners x 160 pixels tall = 800 pixels total height of your image.

The total image size would therefore be: 768px wide by 800 px tall.

When you are done designing, save the individual slices and upload them into the CMS, where you can set the link in the app.

Below you see one example banner image - a slice of the larger graphic.

First banner on home screen for Ocean Sciences

First banner on home screen for Pittcon

While you can upload different width/height sizes, the best results are achieved with 768x160 sizes on a large variety of devices and screen sizes.

Design Tips

For best results, follow these tips:

  1. Keep text to maximal 2 lines per banner to remain legible on devices.
  2. Avoid background graphics behind the text to keep a clean look. 
  3. Do not use gradients on the left/right edges.
  4. The image maintains its size in landscape mode. The extra space is filled with a background color (you can set that color when uploading the graphic in the CMS). Design your graphics so they appear to seamlessly merge with the background color when the device is rotated into landscape mode. See example below.