Are there known issues in Zoom? Limitations with Zoom SDK (web SDK / EventPilot internal Zoom)

Modified on Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 05:24 PM

Zoom's web SDK can be used in the Online Itinerary Planner (desktop platform) and the mobile web version. The Zoom native SDK is used in the Android and iOS version and already has more features than the web SDK, but neither have all of the features of the Zoom app or web client. 

While this is not an exhaustive list and unfortunately Zoom does not publish a complete list of limitations, what we found is that the web SDK (the integrated version in the Planner) does NOT support: 

  • mixing chat between SDK and Zoom client users causes Zoom to incorrectly decrypt messages. Chat as well as live Zoom transcript becomes illegible gibberish. If you are planning to use chat or transcript, we will set up your Zoom links to all open externally. As of April 2021, there has been no fix for this from Zoom.
  • breakout rooms
  • polling
  • mobile browsers
    • mobile users must use the native apps or switch to a computer
  • gallery view
  • virtual backgrounds for meeting attendees (also not supported in native)
  • audio playback limitations for some browsers
  • Show a custom disclaimer when starting or joining a meeting (also not supported in the native apps)
    • You can use the Recording Disclaimer though, it is fully supported on all platforms. Zoom > Admin > User Management > Group Management > Select the group > Recording Tab > Recording disclaimer toggle ON
  • Learn more about other limitations

If you don't need these features for your webinars or meetings, we recommend using the integrated Zoom SDK. Benefits of using the integrated version: 

  • Users join with their login name and email. For Zoom Webinars, this means that your attendance reports in Zoom match the authentication data. While it's possible to switch to the external Zoom app or full browser, attendees could enter a different name/email address. 
  • Joining a session is seamless as no additional tab opens and users are not prompted to install the Zoom app. 

If you do need the features listed above though, let us know and we can set that up either for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, or both. We recommend however: Zoom Webinars integrated, Zoom Meetings if you need gallery view as external (until Zoom adds this feature to their web SDK). 

Also be aware that auto-recording for webinar starts as soon as the host starts the webinar. This means that any practice sessions are included in the recordings. Instruct your hosts to turn off recording during practice times and turn it ON when the host starts broadcasting.

See which features are available across different browsers: Zoom Web SDK browser support

See the Zoom development roadmap to find out what features Zoom is working on to support features in the native SDKs and find out what they recently added in their changelog.

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