How do I create and add surveys to sessions directly in the CAB?

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 12:53 PM

By default, EventPilot projects are set up to display a session rating.

If you need to collect more information, you can switch to using surveys instead.  

In both cases, users must be logged in to provide feedback. Ratings and surveys start displaying shortly before the scheduled session is over.

While you can link out to external survey tools, the EventPilot Conference App Builder (CAB) includes a survey feature that allows you to:

  • create different surveys for different session types
  • use context aware surveys that display a set of questions per speaker associated to this session
  • display the survey link after the session has started
  • download a CSV file with survey responses

Creating a Survey

Session / Presentation Survey

  1. First, contact your project manager to enable surveys in your project. 
  2. In the CAB, visit Add Ons > Surveys
  3. Create a new survey by clicking the Plus button
  4. If you are ready for the survey to begin displaying shortly before sessions end, leave Enabled toggled ON. If you do not want surveys to begin displaying yet, toggle it OFF.
  5. Fill in a name so you can easily reference each survey
  6. Click the Apply dropdown > choose Sessions
  7. Use the Filter icon beside the dropdown to limit this particular survey to specific session types. For examples, if you have session type Workshop, you may create a very different survey than all the sessions of type Social Events. Once a filter is applied, the icon will display in blue to indicate that this particular survey is only shown in certain sessions.

  8. Click the pencil button to edit your survey and add questions
  9. Add Survey questions and choose from different question types
  10. To create a scale, use Range
    You can choose to make question required so the user must fill it in before being able to submit.
  11. You will see a preview of your question after pressing Done with the option to edit, delete, and change the order of the question within the survey.

  12. Use the dragging icon to adjust the order of questions. Any new question you add, is added to the top.

Speaker Survey

  1. Follow the instructions above to create another survey, but choose Apply > Speakers in Sessions

  2. Set the name and filter as necessary and create the questions
  3. If you have multiple speakers in one single presentation, each speaker name will be displayed with the set of questions for that speaker. For example, within a session detail view, first, the session survey questions will be displayed followed by the speaker questions repeated for each speaker.


If you are creating multiple surveys for different session types, ensure you are using very clear survey names to easily differentiate your surveys e.g. Poster Session Feedback, Poster Speaker Survey, Workshop Feedback, Workshop Speaker Survey etc.

Error Warning

If you set up one survey to show in some sessions based on session type and another survey to show in all sessions, you are creating an overlap - which survey should the system display? Ensure to use the session type filter to correctly apply surveys to sessions. An orange Warning text will display with details when you hover over the text. 

Displaying the Survey

Check with your Project Manager to update settings so that surveys displays instead of ratings. 

A survey button will display in each session and sub-session (presentation level) for the applied type starting from a few minutes before the live session is scheduled to end. 

For On-Demand sessions (sessions without date or time), the survey button will start appearing on the first day of your event. 

After a session is over that a user had on their schedule but did not yet complete the survey, an alert will appear on the home screen to complete the survey.

Downloading Results

On the same page where you created the surveys in the CAB, you can see an immediate status of the number of submissions plus also download a CSV file for each survey that contains the attendee submission details.

Use the download button save your CSV file. 

The CSV file contains the key data for analysis. Using any analytics tool, you can filter by actual question, speaker ID, session ID to tabulate any results you may be looking for. 

Example session survey CSV: 

Example speaker survey CSV - notice how the speaker ID field is filled. The speaker ID matches the ID in your speaker data :