How can I participate in networking / messaging / chat?

Modified on Wed, 29 May 2024 at 12:28 PM

Your conference may feature various networking options via the EventPilot platform, including:

  1. One-on-one chats (private)
  2. Session discussion chats (public)
  3. Exhibitor chats (public)
  4. Custom discussion chats (public)


Chat Dashboard

The Chat Dashboard acts as a centralized hub, allowing you to return to any of your conversations. Your organizer can choose the label for the button or tab. It may say something like "Networking," "Messaging," etc.

Screenshot of the Chat Dashboard, which includes a search bar, invitations to chat, and "your discussions"

The "Your Discussions" section lists both public and private discussions that you have already participated in. New invitations to start a 1:1 chat with another user appear at the top. 

To maintain the quality of interactions and prevent spam, there is a cap on the number of pending contact requests you can have at any time. This limit is set at 50 pending requests. Once you reach that limit, your account will automatically be blocked from participating in any public discussion or private chat. Learn more. 

You can use the Search bar to find a particular conversation, or to search for a new user to message. 

Tip: You can use the menu (three dots) to leave a public conversation. You will no longer be notified of new activity.

Notifications on the Home screen

When you receive a new invitation to chat, new direct message, or there is new activity in a public that that you have participated in, you will see a notification appear at the top of the Home page of the app. You may also get a device-level push notification, or an email notification. 

You can also return to the Chat Dashboard from this banner by selecting Networking

Screenshot of banner from Home screen. Reads "2 New Messages" with three bubbles: Networking, George Owens, and "Session: The Future ..."

One-on-One Chats

You can initiate a private 1:1 chat with another attendee in a number of ways. Available options will depend on how your organizers have configured the app for your specific conference.

  1. Search for the user via the Chat Dashboard, then tap the result.
    Screenshot of Chat Dashboard search for "silke." There is a result for a speaker, Silke Fleischer.
  2. In a public chat, click the kebab (three dots) menu on someone's message, then choose Message User.
    Screenshot of a chat message where the kebab menu has been opened. The options are Reply, Message User, Report Comment, or Block User.
  3. Locate the user via the attendee list or speaker list, then click the messaging bubbles. (Please note that not all conferences opt for these options.)
    Screenshot of attendee list record for sample user George Owens. The cursor is hovering over orange messaging bubbles in the upper left.

Session and Exhibitor Chats

When offered, public chats on sessions or exhibitors allow a space for attendees to ask questions and leave comments. You can find these chats by clicking on the session or exhibitor of interest then scrolling to the bottom. 

Tip for exhibitors and speakers: You can leave an introductory message in your chat in order to get notifications (as shown above) when new activity occurs. Be sure to check your chats in order to answer any attendee questions!

Note for speakers: Depending on how the conference organizers have configured the data, you may receive an email notification when folks are chatting on your session or presentation. 

Custom Chats

Your organizers may also set up custom chat topics. The title and topic or prompt will appear at the top of the chat. Note that these chats are public.

Example public custom chat: "Introduce Yourself" with prompt "Introduce yourself and share a little about your work."

Someone is misusing chat / I want to block or report a user.

On any chat, click the kebab (three dots) menu then choose Block User to prevent that user from direct messaging you. If you block a user, that user's messages are also hidden in public chats but only for you personally. 

You can also choose Report Comment (in public chats only) if the message is offensive, unprofessional, or otherwise inappropriate. A notification will be sent to your conference organizers, who can remove the reported content from the app. If necessary, they can also block the user from participating in networking. 

I do not want to participate in chats at all. How can I opt out?

You can opt out of networking features as follows: 

  1. iOS or Android
    1. Return to the login page. Please note that organizers can choose the label and position of this page. Check under the More tab for a Login or Settings option if you are unsure.
    2. Settings 
    3. Toggle Account Active to OFF (the toggle will slide to the left and it will turn grey)

You will no longer be discoverable via the Chat Dashboard. Other attendees will no longer be able to send you messages, and vice-versa, you will no longer be able to send messages. (Note: If your organizers are importing attendee information, your name and any other imported information will still appear in that list.)