What app images are required? Where do they appear? How does the launch sequence differ between a branded app / a multi-event shell (Enterprise) / and the EventPilot (Express) apps?

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Which images in the different EventPilot version show where?

The presentation below displays the launch sequence of the different versions of EventPilot. 

If you develop your first shell app, you will need a set of generic association specific images for your shell app itself plus a set of event specific images per event that loads into the shell app. For clarification, review the presentation link above. 

App Icon 

Size: 1280px by 1280px 

Format: png

Events inside a Multi-Event shell app or the EventPilot Conference App

Your icon appears to end users only during the event selection as part of the download. It may display again in emails, social media, etc.

Branded and Multi-Event Shell Apps

If you upgraded to a branded app, an individual app is submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The icon will appear in the store and for the app on the device itself. 

This icon cannot be changed once the app has been submitted to the stores.

Icon Design Requirements
  1. no border art
  2. no rounded corners
  3. no highlight/shine
  4. no gradient 
  5. avoid text - if text is included, it must be legible at 57x57 pixel size

Potential different appearances on Android devices

The icon image is automatically used as the launch screen. The background color of the launch screen is determined by the top left pixel of your icon graphic. Sample launch screen with app icon:

✓ Correct Design

Design towards the center of your icon so that rounded corners do not crop important content. See the blue safe zone within the square graphic below:


✗ Poor Design  

Bad design example with

  • too much text
  • font too small to read
  • no visual graphic
  • text too close to corners


Size: 1280px by 1280px 

Format: png

A splash screen appears for all projects in the native apps and also the desktop planner. The splash / sponsor screen will persist for 3 seconds before directing users to the Home screen.

Tip: for best experience, make sure that graphic has a transparent background and you select the background color that appears behind the graphic. You can update the splash screen at any time.

Ensure to select the correct background color if your graphic does not have a transparent background. Otherwise your attendees will see a box instead of the graphic blending in.

Event Banners

The requested banners appear above the Home Screen and are required in various sizes. You can update these banners at any time. All images must be in .png format.

For events and branded apps, these would be branded to your current conference. For Multi-Event shell apps, these would be branded to your organization. Get some ideas from our Pinterest page.

  • For phone: event_banner_portrait.png at 1242w x 170h
  • For phone: event_banner_landscape.png at 960w x 88h
  • For phone: event_banner_iphone_landscape.png at 2208w x 170h
  • For tablet: event_banner_ipad_portrait.png at 1536w x 88h
  • For tablet: event_banner_ipad_landscape.png at 2048 x 88h

(Please see this article for information on Session Ads and Rotating Banners.)

Optional for Branded upgrade and Multi-Event Shell Apps

We provide a graphic but if you wish, you can use your own graphic for the Google Play store:

  • Android: android-feature.png at 1024w x 500h

Design tips and display information available at support.google.com