The rotating banner widget allows you to display a banner area in your home screen or any custom view. It displays your uploaded banner images in the same sequence you have set up the banners in the CMS. 

On each page load, the widget randomly selects a starting banner and then continues with your defined sequence. Each banner appearsfor 6 seconds before automatically displaying the next. A banner can be interactive and link to a website. 

The timing is set following banner marketing best practices. People are likely to only glance at the ad for a few seconds at most - a general rule is 1-5 seconds. Online articles mention that marketers only have about 2 seconds to win someone over (other articles may discuss as little as 1/3 of a second). 

For references, image ads in Instagram stories show 5 seconds. 

Impact to Analytics: 

The widget has to load all banner images to rotate through. This applies the same Unique View count to all banners as the count occurs when the widget is loaded into the page, even if a banner has not yet been shown. 

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