My Android seems to be running slow - what can I do?

Modified on Sun, 9 Dec, 2018 at 9:49 AM

Below, you will find some general tips on maintaining your Android device and ensuring the best performance for the hardware you have:

  1. Restart your device
  2. Turn off all widgets (e.g. weather or news widgets)
  3. Do not use live wallpapers
  4. Uninstall any apps you are not using - you can always install them again later if you decide to need them
    1. If you have files in an app you are not using but want to keep the files, you can disable the app instead (doesn't remove it from the device). You can enable/disable apps in your Performance Assistant on Android. 
  5. Install a memory cleaning app (always back up your device before using such apps) and clear up cache (we have had good success with CleanMaster, finding and clearing several GB)
  6. Delete any media you don't need to keep on your phone
    1. Google Photos keeps a backup of all your photos and videos in the cloud, so you can clear up all the storage on your device. Open Google Photos app > Menu > Free up space
    2. Check your music and podcast apps - they may easily take up several GB of space with downloaded content. Remove unnecessary files and change the settings for better control how much content these apps download.
  7. Update your existing apps to run the latest versions with any bug fixes
  8. Update your operating system if you are not on the latest version of Android
  9. Use a high-capacity memory card (add a 32GB+ Memory card with high-speed read/write operations
  10. For more tips, take a look at 13 tricks and hacks to speed up Android or How to speed up an old Android device with 3 essential tips.

The smartphone market and the operating systems change very fast and your hardware may be limited at this point to provide the performance you are looking for. If you have an entry-level device or one that is 2 or more years old, upgrading to a new higher-end device will ensure the highest performance boost.

If you are looking to improve iPhone performance, please read this article: Fix up a slow iPhone and give it a major speed boost