How to setup general information to an interactive and searchable view?

Modified on Wed, 10 Aug, 2022 at 4:23 PM

In the CMS, access Design > Custom Views and locate the General Info view. If your project is new, the view will have some sample information that you can adapt to your event. If your project was cloned from a previous year's event, you will be able to work from the previous event's information.

Select the red pencil icon to edit. 

This will launch the interactive list view editor. You can add, rename, or remove sections as necessary. Update the content in the sections for your event. 

Tip: If you know you'd like to include a certain section, such as "Shuttle Schedule," but the information is not yet available to you, you can simply write "Coming Soon" or something more specific such as "This information will be available Tuesday, September 21st. Check back then!"

How to add an image using base64 

  • You may add a small image (100kb) by converting to HTML code to your general information that will make the image available even without internet connectivity. To add an image:
    • Go to and upload an image 
    • Click Copy Image to the right of the uploaded image
    • Paste the code value you just copied between the quotes below (replacing red text below with your copied text from the site)
      <img src="data:image/png;base64,<code value>" />
    • Place this string into the source data, either your ggl-info template or by using the "Source" optionin the Interactive Custom View editor in the CMS:
      • Note: Google doc allows for 50,000 characters for the entire general information which allows for 1-3 9kb sized images depending on how much content you have

How to link to a specific section of an Interactive List custom view (Native Only)

  1. From within the edit view, click the link icon next to the section title to copy the link for that specific section
  2. Use the URN to direct users to an uncollapsed view of the specific section (native only).