How do I set up ScanHunt Game for my event?

Modified on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 04:19 PM

If your subscription level includes the ScanHunt gamification add-on, you can set up your game in the CMS > Add-Ons > ScanHunt. 

1. Set up the basics

  1. Keep the game set to OFF until you are fully ready for testing. 
    1. If you use the EventPilot app, toggling the game ON will add the ScanHunt tab in your native apps. 
  2. Enter a short Title for the game. It will appear as the title above the public leaderboard.
  3. Enter the Rules Label that displays as text for the rules link.
  4. Enter the Rules URL where you explain who can play and any legal text if there are a giveaways. 
  5. Enter a short description on How to Play. This text appears on the About screen in your ScanHunt game below the rules link label. 

2. Add your activities 

Activities allow you to ask your players to find a particular QR code and scan it. The list of activities appears in the Checklist tab for your players. 

Good to know before creating activities

More than Expo Passport

If you only ask your attendees to visit a certain number of exhibitors, your game will be over in 10-15minutes as there is always that one person, who wants to win and runs from one booth to the next. 

Add time limits and additional tasks other than just racing through your expo hall. For example, highlight exhibitors to meet during the morning versus others to see in the afternoon. Use start and end time to keep your game going. 

Enable learning

Work with your sponsors what they want attendees to know about them and if they have sufficient staff to have conversations with attendees. Then staff only shows the QR code for scanning after the attendee can answer the question. Create your tasks accordingly to encourage human interaction. For example: 


Which 2 subscription level products does ATIV offer? 


Visit the ATIV booth and find out which two products are available and what they are for.

Jump start player networking

Similar to the idea above, create activities for players to start talking to each other. Create two activities (or more) and print one QR code on the back of one half of the badges and the other on the other half. Yes - it's ok for an attendee to scan their own badge. It will give them an instant gratification and they still need to meet one other person with the second code. 


Meet one other person (1)


Find someone else with a QR code on the back of their badge that you haven't scanned yet.


Meet one other person (2)


Find someone else with a QR code on the back of their badge that you haven't scanned yet.

Let players find leaders

Find your staff or industry leaders who love to socialize. Then print the QR code on the back of the badge. Now attendees have to find specific people during the event. 


Meet someone from our membership team


Find one of our staff members from our membership and learn about member benefits.


Talk to an industry leader


Find an industry leader and share your thoughts where the industry industry is headed. If they agree, they'll let you scan the code.

Trigger behavior

Give your staff a QR code and ask attendees to complete an action. Actions could include filling in a survey onsite, posting on social media, etc.


Show a social media post to our staff


Post about our event on social media and show your post to our staff at the info booth.

Increase revenue

If you are selling something, incentive to purchase, purchase more, or bring someone else to your sales point. 


Buy a book


Stop by the onsite book store and collect points when purchasing an item.

Keep it fun over days

If an attendee missed the first day and they see how other users are already filling the leader board, they need to have an incentive to play. You can give them a chance to catch up by offering additional tasks each day with higher and higher points. This will allow your game to stay interesting over multiple days. 

Protect your codes

Ensure your printed codes cannot be accidentally found by potential players. Set time limits for each code in case your staff leaves out codes out in the open.

How to add activities

  1. Click the button New Activity 
  2. Enter a short Title (under 10 words is best)
  3. Enter a Point Value 
  4. Optionally (and highly recommended) add a start date/time and end date/time to constrain, when the QR code can be scanned. If game users attempt to collect points prior to the start time or after the end time, they will be prompted in the app that the game has not yet started or has already ended.

Once you start the game, do not delete activities that have received scans already. 

You can always add more activities later. 

3. Turn the game ON

  1. Return to the Setup page & toggle "The Game is" to ON when you are ready to make your game available.
    1. If you are using the EventPilot app, publish a data update.

If the game is toggled to OFF but users are logged in, the following message displays in the Game Center page of ScanHunt:

For EventPilot App users:

When you use the ScanHunt game, a new tab is added to your layout tabs for the native apps. 

To change the tab label, icon, and position, go to the CMS >  Design > Tab Layouts > App Tabs

You can also toggle the tab to OFF until you are ready to display it to your app.

Remember to always publish for your changes to reflect in the app. 

Note: This particular tab should not be positioned in the first 7 tabs (not supported by Android). 

4. Play the game

In the app, users can log in via the ScanHunt Game tab. Once logged in, they can create a unique Player Name (for display on the leaderboard). Once a Player Name is created, the user has access to the "Scan QR" button to begin scanning activity QR codes and earning points.

Players can reference the Leaderboard tab to see the top players and the Checklist tab to see what codes they have or have not scanned.

Hide test players from the leader board

You can deactivate players at any time. Deactivated players still count towards your maximum number of players based on your subscription level. 

  1. Click the Players tab
  2. Find the player you want to deactivate and click the Deactivate Player button

You can always re-activate a player from the list of deactivated players.