What words does the search find in the app? (Scientific Search Engine)

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Global Search

The search is a highly advanced scientific search engine. It supports multiple terms, exact matches, and exclusion terms across all tables (e.g. Sessions, Speakers, Media, Exhibitors) in the following fields:

  • Sessions: titles, filters, location, description, session type fields, session number
  • Speakers: names, titles, filter, organization
  • Media: titles, filters, description, subtitles
    • If your speakers have uploaded 
      • PDFs via the speaker portal and the PDFs contained text, this content will also be searched. This makes it easy for your meeting attendees to find the ePosters they are looking for. 
      • Videos via the speaker portal, the transcript is also included in the search. There may be a delay between upload and transcript processing before the video becomes searchable. 
    • Note: If you uploaded video to PDF files that are auto-associated to a speaker or session, these files also become searchable.
  • Exhibitors: titles, filters, location, description, type

Depending on the product you purchased, you can train your search engine so that a user typing in coronavirus finds all presentations about Covid-19 and all sessions on SARS-CoV2 for example. 

Search results are prioritized or ranked, similar to the way other search engines like Google order results.

A wildcard search is accomplished by simply entering the first characters of a word. The app will search for terms that begin with these characters.  Mid-word wildcard search is not supported.

Individual Table Searches

The individual table searches limit the search to the visible content in a detail view for that table. 

For example, if you navigated to a list of sessions like the program by day, you can search for the following and find sessions that contain results: 

  1. Sessions: titles, filters, location, description, session type fields. Results appear in the following order:
    1. Chronological order (session or subsession start time)
    2. Grouped by session type
    3. If no session numbers: Alphabetical order by session title
    4. If session numbers on parent and subsessions: sorted by session number
    5. If parent sessions don't have session numbers but subsessions do: parent with blank session number above subsession, then subsessions based on session numbers
  2. Speakers: names, titles, organization.
    1. Results appear in alphabetical order based on last name
  3. Media: titles
    1. Results appear in alphabetical order based on media item title
  4. Exhibitor: titles. Results appear in the following order:
    1. Exhibitor type (sponsor level based on your order within the App Builder) 
    2. Alphabetical order by exhibitor name within exhibitor type segment

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