How do I add alerts or notifications? How do I manage alerts with long text and images?

Modified on Tue, 7 Mar, 2023 at 11:14 AM

Alerts are a great way to keep your attendees informed about last-minute changes to your event or to sell push notification ads as sponsorship options to exhibitors.

If users opted in to receiving push notifications, alerts appear on the device Home Screen as a notification. Therefore, alerts should be kept very short and additional details can be linked from the alert. 

Keep your title (best undermax 30 characters) and text as short as possible (5-7 words). 


        Correct content length     Too much text is cut off in the notification

alert in event app - correct amount of text

alert in event app - too much text 

If you need to provide more details or formatted content such as bulleted lists, you can create a custom view that contains all the formatted content and link from the alert to the custom view.  

Alert displays all text               In app, clicks through to a custom view that contains more information

event app alertnotification in meeting app


Prepare all custom views and alerts at least one week in advance of your event, so that the content is downloaded and viewable on the device.  

Your attendees must have received the data update before you publish a push notification, because the alert links to content that needs to have been loaded on the device. Typically, all notifications and custom views are prepared in advance of the event. If you need to publish an alert that you need to push the same day, then link to formatted content on your website instead.

Before your Conference: Publish the Custom View

  1. In the CMS, go to Design > Custom Views
  2. Click Add View to add a new custom view.
  3. Select Custom View editor
  4. Enter a title
  5. Drag type of object from the left side into a layout in the workspace on the right to add your content. Available objects include titles, paragraphs, images, etc.
  6. For example, drag a paragraph object over. Click the edit (pencil) icon to edit your paragraph object.
  7. In the paragraph editor, you can create a bulleted list and other formatted content using bold or italicized text.
  8. Click Done to save your custom view
  9. Click outside the custom view editor window to exit the editor.
  10. Click Publish to publish the new custom view into your project.

Create the alert

  1. In the CMS, go to Design > Alerts
  2. Click Add Alert 
  3. Enter a short title (be advised that there is a character limit of 35 characters)
  4. In the Message field, enter a short subtitle (max 40 characters or 5-7 words to fully display on all device screens)
  5. Select a start and end time to control when your alert appears in the app
  6. Using the Action Builder, click Select Action > App Function > Custom View, then select the custom view you created from the list
  7. Click Publish to add your alert

In the samples below, notice that your alert carries a much simpler look to enhance usability. Additionally, it clicks through to your bulleted list for further information.