How does the Credit API work? How to set up EventPilot for credit flagging?

Modified on Wed, 08 Mar 2023 at 01:45 PM

If you use EventPilot Pro, it may be possible to set up the credit API with your credit claim platform so your logged in attendees can use the EventPilot mobile conference app or desktop itinerary planner to mark any sessions where they later want to claim credit for. Attendees then access your credit claim platform site which would display the list of the sessions the users flagged in EventPilot previously. 

Attendee Experience

If the API is fully integrated, attendees will have the following experience: 

  1. Attendee flags any sessions they wish to claim credit for later
    This data is stored on the EventPilot server
  2. Attendee selects the link "Claim Credit" from the Home Screen
    This link would be set up with the help of your EventPilot project manager working with the 3rd party vendor. Ideally, the credit vendor should have set up auto-login.

  3. The attendee is automatically logged in and the credit claim page loads with all the sessions in the credit cart that the user had flagged in EventPilot. The attendee can now claim credit for those sessions.
    The credit vendor would have implemented the EventPilot Credit API and pulled that user's list of flagged sessions into their own system. 

Displaying Credit Icon in Session Detail View

In the data set, credit units or a credit label can be imported as a filter. Filter 3 specifically is reserved for tagging credit sessions. If any content has been added in filter 3 in the agenda data and the Credit API has been purchased, the EventPilot platform displays the credit icon in the session detail view.

For further questions, please contact your EventPilot project manager.