An Exhibitor Portal Invite URL expired - how do I re-invite a contact?

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec 2023 at 01:05 PM

An invite URL is a personalized URL and automatically expires after 7 days (168 hours). 

You can re-invite an exhibitor via the App Builder: 

  1. In the App Builder, select Add Ons
  2. Choose Exhibitor Portal
  3. Ensure that under the tab Profile Permissions, the toggle Enable Portal Access is turned ON (otherwise exhibitors cannot edit their profile)
  4. Select the Contacts tab
  5. Search for the contact name or email
  6. Click the email button to resend an invite and confirm sending

Alternatively, you can click the copy button and paste the URL into an email you are sending to this particular exhibitor contact. Remember that each invite link is personal. Do not send a single invite URL to multiple different exhibitor contacts. Use a Chrome browser to click the Copy button.