How do I update or change an exhibitor contact in the Exhibitor Portal?

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 04:01 PM

You can add a new contact or update an existing content. 

New Email address: Add a new contact 

  1. In the Exhibitor Portal > Contacts tab, click the Add Contact button and complete the contact form 
  2. Click Save
  3. Search for the new contact in the list
  4. Click the emailicon to send the invite 

Updating Name or organization: Update an existing contact

  1. In the Exhibitor Portal > Contacts tab, search for the contact you wish to edit
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit
  3. Change the necessary fields
  4. Save

If you edited the email field, you must re-invite the contact as the email field would turn this contact into a new portal user. 

Remove the original contact

lf the original contact should no longer have access to the organization profile, you can delete the original contact:

  1. In the Exhibitor Portal > Contacts tab, search for the old contact
  2. Click the trashcan icon and confirm

Note: the original contact may still log into the portal but will not see any exhibitor card associated to their name