When trying to upload my PDF, I am getting an error 'Upload Blocked'?

Modified on Sat, 2 Mar at 11:20 AM

If your browser displays a message similar to the one seen in the screenshot above, it is triggered by your organization's data security policy. This typically means that there are restrictions in place on your network or device that prevent the uploading of files to external platforms for security reasons.

Here are a few suggestions that might help resolve this issue:

  1. Review Company Policy: If possible, please check with your IT department or data security team to understand the specific restrictions that might be causing this block. There may be certain criteria or settings that need to be adjusted to allow uploads to trusted platforms like ours.

  2. Whitelisting: In some cases, adding our platform to a whitelist of approved sites within your company's firewall or security software can resolve the issue. Please contact your IT department.

  3. Use of Personal Devices: If urgent and permitted by your company, you might consider using a personal device that is not restricted by the same security policies to upload the PDF. Please ensure this is in compliance with your organization's data handling and security policies.