How do I participate in Q&A?

Modified on Wed, 26 Jun at 9:55 AM

Note: This article pertains to the integrated Moderated Q&A feature. Your conference may instead be using a third-party provider to facilitate Q&A. If this is the case, please contact your conference organizer with any questions about the system.

EventPilot Moderated Q&A

The gif attached to this article illustrates the following question submission process.

To submit a question: 

  1. Locate the session you are attending
  2. Scroll down to the "Submit Your Questions" banner
    1. This banner may be customized to your conference and look differently or have different text than pictured here.
  3. Tap the banner
  4. Input your question
  5. Optional: Select the speaker you would like to direct your question to
  6. Click Submit

Will my name be recorded? 

No, EventPilot Moderated Q&A is anonymous. 

Can other attendees see my question? Can I see questions that other attendees submitted?

As Q&A is moderated, questions will not immediately appear for other attendees. The session moderators may choose to publish questions, with or without written answers, back to the platform. Use the Refresh button to see these. 

I had another question after the session. Can I still submit my question? 

Question submission may be closed following the session, or no longer monitored. You may wish to use a different app feature, such as the session chat if it is enabled for your conference, to reach out to the presenters after the session has concluded.