What is considered a 'record' in the data and which data tables can be imported in the Conference Application Builder

Modified on Sat, 29 Jun at 12:14 PM

When working with data, think of your data as spreadsheet tables with references across tables. While you may have two sessions presented by the same speaker, there is only one single speaker entry and that speaker is associated to both sessions. 


In EventPilot, you can import the following data tables:

Agenda Sessions

Your agenda data is your entire event program, spanning anything that a user could add to their schedule plus any on demand events. For example, workshops, keynotes, social events, breaks, concurrent sessions, poster or oral sessions with all the individual poster presentations within the session, exhibitor events, sponsored sessions, symposia, flash talks, etc. In your spreadsheet, each one of these would be one record. 

Sample One Day Symposium Program:

  1. Breakfast from 8-9am (1 record)
  2. General Welcome from 9-10am (1 record)
  3. 2 concurrent sessions from 10-11am (2 records)
  4. 2 concurrent sessions from 11-12pm (2 records)
  5. lunch 12-1pm (1 record)
  6. 2 concurrent sessions from 1-2pm (2 records)
  7. closing remarks 2-3pm (1 record)

Adding all of these up, this sample event would have 10 records: 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 +1 + 2 + 1 = 10

Scientific programs generally have individual presentations (orals, abstracts, posters) within a larger session. If you have 30 poster presentations (30 records) within 1 poster session (1 record), you have 30 + 1 = 31 records. 

Or you may have 1 oral session with 3 different presenters, each having their own presentation title, start and time within that parent session. In that case, the total record count would be 4 (3 presentations + 1 parent session). 

The screenshot below is an example of an event with a total of 6 records in their Agenda Sessions table. The oral presentation Session 1B1 from 9:30am-10:30am has 3 different 20 minute presentations.

This same data is represented in the app within a session detail view. 

This data is imported from a Google Sheet. Each column represents a field in the EventPilot conference app. 


The speaker table is a list of all your speakers and presenters at the event. You can also use it to list all authors and co-authors in that table. Each person is one record and represented once in this table. One person can be linked, using the speaker ID, to one or more agenda sessions or presentations. 

Media Items

The media table contains all the linked additional content added to a project. For example all the abstracts, PDF handouts, any external links like polling links or live streams or recordings, etc. 

Like one row in a spreadsheet, each media item is one record and exists only once in this table. One media item can be linked to multiple different sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. 


Like one row in a spreadsheet, each individual exhibitor is one record in the exhibitor table. 


Like one row in a spreadsheet, each attendee is one record in the attendee table.