How do I upload a profile photo?

Modified on Wed, 29 May 2024 at 01:13 PM

You can use a photo for your user profile, which is displayed in the messaging views when networking with others. You can access your Profile two different ways: 

  1. You must be logged into the event app
  2. Look for Login* or Settings* in the More tab. 
  3. Tap the My Profile button
  4. Click the edit icon

You can add a photo:
  1. From Library, which is the gallery or main photo album on your device. The device may ask at this point to give access to your photo library.
  2. by taking a photo. The device may ask at this point if you give the app permission to access the camera. 

Steps to add a photo from DrobBox, Google Photos, or other cloud service provider:
  1. Open the app that gives you access to your photo. If you use DropBox, open the DropBox app on your device. If you use Google Photos, open the Google Photos app.
  2. Navigate to the photo you would like to use.
  3. Save the image on your device (See the individual app's instructions on how to save the image)
  4. Once the image is added to your device library, open the event app and follow the steps above to update your profile photo.

Steps to add a photo you have on a website:
  1. Open the website that contains your photo on your mobile device browser
  2. Long press on the image until the option Save Image appears
  3. Save the image on your device

Supported file types: .jpg and .png 

* Note: organizers can change the label for these tabs