Attendee Engagement: What is the difference between Networking, Attendee List, and Peer Finder?

Modified on Tue, 23 Jul at 10:31 AM

Networking (Logged in user chat)

When attendees log into the app, their first and last name is known to the system from the authentication process. They can then upload their photo to their profile using the app. 

If using, logged in users are automatically opted into Discussion Chat. Users can access their profile and opt out by toggling ACTIVE to OFF under More > Login / Settings (relabel via Conference App Builder > Design > Tab Layouts) in the app. Users can also block other attendees. A user will not receive any more messages from someone they blocked.

When using this approach, only attendees' first and last names (and photos if they choose to upload one) are visible to other attendees. Only logged in users can see and participate in chats. 

Attendee List

With EventPilot Premium or Pro, you can add an attendee list. This can be done either manually via the Conference App Builder, by importing a CSV, or by using an API with the registration vendor. 

The data structure and available fields can be found in the CSV specification document under the Attendees heading. The list can display first and last name, title, organization, URL, bio (description), and up to 4 filters. For conferences with international attendees, we recommend using Country as one of the 4 filters.

You can display this list in the app to allow your attendees to search for each other. Ensure that you have received consent from your attendees during the registration process to publish their information in the app. The attendee list is accessible by all logged in users. 


Peer Finder

The attendee list is merely a list of data that you have added. Peer Finder messaging adds chat networking into the attendee list. 

EventPilot Premium and Pro projects can control how users authenticate, which allows the entries in the attendee list to be connected with the list of logged in users. This connection adds the chat icon to the person in the attendee list. We refer to this as the Peer Finder feature in EventPilot. Users can now search for a person and then message directly from the attendee detail view. From the beginning, your attendees can easily make connections without having to rely on users having logged in already. All of the data is collected during the registration process. 

If a logged in user messages a user who is not yet logged into the app, that person will receive an email from the platform informing them that someone is trying to contact them via the event app. 

If you use EventPilot Premium or Pro and wish to use your attendee list for authentication, follow the instructions in this article

Attention: All authentication setup must be completed before you announce to your attendees. If your project is live already and attendees have already logged in, do not change the authentication at this point. 

EventPilot Pro users can work with our dev team to set up APIs with different registration providers for the attendee list import and authentication setup. Contact your project manager about authentication before setting up proof and ensure your project manager is set up with a full registration to your event. 

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