How to import data from ScholarOne to EventPilot?

Modified on Fri, 27 Jan 2023 at 03:21 PM

Access the tab in the Conference App Builder (CAB) where you would like to import data: 

Agenda for session data

Speakers for presenters

Media for abstracts

Setting Up the Initial Data Source and Running the Initial Import

  1. From our website, choose Organizer Login > EventPilot on the top right
  2. Access your project
  3. Select either Agenda > Sessions, Agenda > Speakers, or Media > Media Data, depending on what data source you would like to set up.
  4. Add Import (note: you may need to click the carrot to expand the import card before this button is visible) 
  5. Enter a logical name for the source e.g. S1 API
  6. Select ScholarOne from the Source dropdown
  7. Obtain the API username, API password, and Site Name from your ScholarOne contact
  8. If you have used import customizations in the past, ask your ATIV Project Manager to add your Customization Code

  9. Select Next

  10. Complete the field mapping for the table

  11. Next to run the import

  12. If there are errors in your data, review:

Additional settings are available:

  • Display Authors (subsessions only) - set to if you want the names of the presentation authors displayed in the session description
  • Display FinalID in Titles (subsessions only) - set to Y if the presentation has a "finalid" field listed and you want it prefixed to the session title (e.g. the title will be "<finalid>: <title>") . 
  • Display SessionAbbr (parent sessions only) - set to Y if the session has a "sessionabbr" field and you want it prefixed to the parent session title (same as above, but for parent sessions only). 
  • Show Location - set to if you would like to feature the location in the session description as well

Incremental Imports after Setup

  1. Return to the CAB, log in, and access your project
  2. To import all, select the Home tab > Import All Data 
  3. To import each source for a given table, visit that page of the CAB (e.g. Agenda > Sessions) and choose Import All [Agenda] 
    1. Using our example: This will not bring in the updated speaker or media (abstract) data. So, if one of the newly-imported sessions was looking for a speaker newly added to ScholarOne, since that speaker is not yet in our CAB, you may see an orphan error. Ensure to import each ScholarOne source if necessary.
  4. To import just one single source, visit that page of the CAB (e.g. Agenda > Sessions), expand the import card if necessary, and select the Importbutton beside a single data source 
    1. See note above.
  5. If there are errors in your data, review:
  6. Select the Publish Menu on the top left and Publish to Proof
  7. After reviewing your data update in the proof version on iOS and Android, you may publish to live by selecting Publish Live Data 

Why is certain data displaying in this field? I'm seeing something unexpected?

Please contact your project manager for details on how the fields in the ScholarOne API are populating the fields in the EventPilot CAB.