How an account is created depends on the organizer's configuration:

  1. If you created an account with EventPilot directly, please review the activation details below. You may also have the option simply authenticate with your existing Facebook or Google account, which does not require activation.
  2. If you created an account with your organizer's registration or membership system, please review the account creation instructions within your organizer's pages. Typically, the login page in the app provides further details or a link to the page where you can set up your account. Please contact your organizer for assistance.
    Note: As there may be many different event suppliers involved, your authentication may have to go through multiple steps. Therefore, we recommend using basic passwords consisting of just letters and numbers and avoiding symbols like &. 

If 1. above applies:

Your activation message may have been blocked by your email provider since it is an automated email. Ensure to add this email address to your contacts or check with your email provider / IT to receive messages from:

Please contact the organizer to get in touch with us to resend your activation email, after you have added the email address added to your contacts.