My attendees are seeing outdated data / are not recieving data updates. What can we do?

Modified on Tue, 07 Feb 2023 at 04:22 PM

Why are my attendees seeing outdated data? 

If you have a branded (standalone) app in the stores, when your users first download the app, they will see the data we submitted with. We recommend submitting 4-6 weeks before your event to provide a robust initial data set.

If you have an event in your organization's shell app or an event in the EventPilot Conference App, attendees receive the data set that is current at the time they download the event.

For changes made after that point, your attendees will receive data updates.

How do my attendees receive data updates?

In most cases, your attendees will not need to do anything to receive the latest data updates. Throughout normal app usage, the update is downloaded and applied in a way that does not interrupt the attendee while they are using the app. 

You can also check the top of the Home tab for a grey banner that reads "Data Update Available." Tap this when it appears to instantly apply the data update. This is a helpful troubleshooting step for attendees who report not seeing something they expect to see in the app. 

I believe I have the latest data update, but I am still not seeing what I expect to see.

  1. Is the data in our Conference App Builder? You can visit the relevant section of the Conference App Builder, such as Agenda > Sessions for your program data or Expo > Exhibitors for your exhibits data. Check the following: 
    1. Import your data
      1. When was the last import run? Changes in your data sources must first be imported to our Conference App Builder
      2. Do you have any errors? Invalid records are skipped and must be corrected in your data source before you can feature them on the platform. 
    2. Search for the record in question. If the content is not added to or updated in the Conference App Builder, we are not receiving it from your data source. See step #1 for possible solutions and, if you are still unsure, contact your project manager for assistance. 
  2. Have you published to live? 
    1. To publish to your proof (testing) environment, choose Publish > Publish Proof Data. 
    2. Once things look good in proof, you must choose Publish > Publish Live Data to get the updated content to your attendees. 

One or more attendees are not receiving data updates. 

  1. Ensure to check the top of the Home tab for a grey banner that reads "Data Update Available." While most attendees will have the updates automatically applied, certain usage patterns or device settings may mean that is not the case.
  2. Is the device connected to a reliable WiFi or cellular data connection? Does the app have permission to connect to the internet? 
    1. Try switching from WiFi to cellular or vice-versa.
    2. If many people on the convention center WiFi are not receiving data updates, the venue Wi-Fi network may be too limited or overloaded to handle the requests. Please contact your local provider to possibly increase the number of simultaneous connections or bandwidth and confirm that ATIV’s IP addresses are not being blocked. An Email with the list of IP addresses was sent during app development to the organizer. To ensure best experience for your attendees, limit publishing data updates to once or twice a day.
  3. Do you have the latest version of the app from the store? Try uninstalling and re-installing.
  4. If a limited number of users are affected, the particular device model or settings may be preventing the app from running correctly. Please direct affected users to the web version of the app and provide us with details on the device (type, OS, etc).

If you are not receiving data updates via WiFi or cellular and the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve, please contact your Project Manager or submit a ticket via this knowledge base portal.