I'd like to use the free BadgeScanner™ - Lead Retrieval. How do I need to set up my QR code on the badges?

Modified on Wed, 05 Apr 2023 at 05:54 PM

EventPilot® includes free lead retrieval that enables your exhibitors and other attendees to collect basic contact info by simply scanning the QR code on a badge. This badge scanner is also available as a standalone app if you search for BadgeScanner™ in the app stores. 

This feature is designed to work offline so you do not need to provide WiFi for your exhibitors. 

The QR code you print on the badges must include the core contact information, which you can typically specify via your registration system: 

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Badge ID
  4. Email Address
  5. Optional: Title
  6. Optional: Organization

Another optional field is URL. 

Ensure to test your QR codes. Mailing address fields are not supported. 


Limit the content in the QR code as much as possible to increase your scanning success rate. The fewer characters in your content, the simpler the QR code image is. Highly complex QR codes with a lot of content contained in the image can be difficult to scan for some devices. Scanning success depends on the complexity of the code, the device camera, lighting conditions, and the printed size of your QR code.

If you are using event registration software, you can typically add QR codes and have the system generate those based on your specifications. We have had clients use CDS and Abila successfully with the badge scanner feature.

If you are managing a small event without a registration software, you may use a variety of QR code generators online (Search for "QR Generator").

If your proof app or the free BadgeScanner app does not recognize your particular QR code, please send a couple of QR code samples along with the data they contain to your Project Manager or support@ativsoftware.com. We can review if it’s feasible to add your particular QR code. Customization fees may apply. 

Exhibitors and attendees can scan with the app, take notes, and export the contact list. The exported data is available in a CSV file format, which can easily be imported into mail applications or CRM systems.

If you restrict exhibitors from using your event app, your exhibitors can install the free "BadgeScanner Lead Retrieval" app from the app store to scan the QR codes.

The following QR Code Structures are built into the app already. Think of each structure as a spreadsheet table with a set number of columns and column headers. The symbols you see are the column delimiters. 

For example: 

First NameLast NameEmail

If your delimiter is ^, you can transfer this table like this: 


If you are missing the first name, you'd leave the first column empty but still indicate the column: 


If the last name is missing, you'd do the following:


If the email is missing, you still add the column indicator:


If you just have the last name, it would look like this: 


If you just had the email, it would look like this: 


The order of your columns must be an order that is supported in the badge scanner! 

If you are mixing up the delimiters or shifting the order, you are now placing content into the wrong fields. The following incorrect example would place the email in the last name field and the last name in the first name field: 


Supported QR Code Structures (Syntax)

Depending on your syntax, you must follow the field sequence shown below



John^Doe^jdoe@acme.com^ACME Org^2018001^Support








New College|732498|Jane|Smith|smith@newcollege.edu




987432^Steve^Johnson^Manager^Big Box Store^9998887777^www.bigboxstore.com^johnson6@bigboxstore.com

MeCard Format

Learn more about the MeCard format





vCard Format

Learn more about the vCard format















ORG:ABC Company


Try Creating Your Own QR Code

  1. Go to https://www.qr-code-generator.com/
  2. Select type TEXT
  3. Copy and paste one of the structures above into the text field
  4. Press the Generate QR Code button
  5. Use the EventPilot Badge Scan app to scan your QR code

Use Mail Merge

If you use Microsoft Word, you may be able to use its Mail Merge feature (These instructions were shared by a client - thank you!)

  1. Open Word, create a mail merge
  2. Design label as needed using mail merge fields as desired
  3. Press Ctrl+F9 to insert a blank mail merge field
  4. Insert code MERGEBARCODE Field_Name QR \h 1 \q L in between the { brackets }
  5. Replace Field_Name with the merge field name from your excel file that you want to convert to a QR code

How do I know what's in my QR Code? (Decode a QR Code)

If you have received a QR code image from a third party and you are trying to find out what its content is, you can decode the image via this website: 


Simply upload an photo of the QR code and the website will show you what it contains.

Using Google Chrome on your mobile device, you can also Scan a QR code and Google will decode the contents of the code for you.

Note: line breaks in the individual text fields are not supported