How does Targeted Content work?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 4:27 PM

Targeted Content (EventPilot Pro add-on) provides you the ability to control access to native app tabs or to send notifications to specific user groups. This feature is only available with authentication setup where a user type is added to the user's profile upon login. 

Usertypes would allow you to distinguish for example speakers from exhibitors from attendees or staff. One person can only have one user type. 

If you would like to purchase targeted content for your app, please contact your Project Manager.  


A speaker logs into the app.  A special Speaker tab would become visible. This tab could have additional information about where the hospitality room is located, where to get tech set-up assistance, etc.

An exhibitor logs into the app and a special tab for exhibitors appears. 

The attendee list tab may be limited to speakers, attendees, and staff but would be hidden from exhibitors to view. 

Setting up available User Types

In the Conference App Builder, go to Settings > Project Settings > User Types section. User types could be your reg types. The actual values to enter in the User Types field depend on your authentication setup for the project.

  1. A User Types field is available for you to define specific user types (comma separated list)

    Only one user type per login is supported

Limiting Tabs to Certain User Types

Note: if you are linking to a custom view where you don't want attendees to see that content, ensure to uncheck the box for Search in the custom view itself. Otherwise, your attendees may find the custom view via the search. 

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Design > Layout Tabs > App Tabs
  2. Click the filter icon in a tab
  3. Select the user type. You can select multiple user types for one tab. For example, you may have a tab to a custom view with specific information for your exhibitors but you would want your staff to also have access to that tab. 
  4. Publish a data update
  5. Test your change by logging into the app with a login having this user type.

Displaying Alerts to Specific User Types

Ensure you have fully tested alerts for specific user types before you announce the app to attendees. Once you have tested an alert, you can change the date and time to match the time during your event when it should appear. 

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Design > Alerts 
  2. Add a new alert or click on the pencil icon of an existing alert
  3. Click Advanced 
  4. Select the user types this alert should be displayed to. You can select multiple user types.