How do Automatic Location Alerts Work? (Auto-Generated GPS Alerts)

Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 11:22 AM

EventPilot assists your attendees automatically by letting them know important information based on time and location. When your attendees arrive at the airport, the app will let them know if your registration desk is still open today or, if already closed, what time it will open the next day. In addition, EventPilot will help your attendees with finding the venue via Google Maps. Just in time information!

Automatic Location Alerts can be controlled via the Project Settings tab in the CMS and are ON by default.

The Alerts serve to inform app users of how to arrive at the venue where registration is taking place (Google Route Me URL included) and of the registration hours (when it opens or closes based on time they receive the alert).  Users must be within 2km of the airport nearest to the Registration venue in order to receive the alerts:


Your Registration Hours alerts are automatically created when you set up the following in the Conference App Builder:


1. Add Hours of Operation for Registration

  1. CMS > Agenda > Time Blocks > Add Hours of Operation Indicator and fill in the required fields per day

2. Map the Registration Location

  1. Mapping > Maps > Create Map Pin for the location of the Registration

3. Assign Map with Registration Pin to the Venue with Address 

  1. Mapping > Venues > Add Venue
  2. Mapping > Maps > Select Map with Registration Location pin > Assign to Venue

4. Publish a data update 

Alerts are automatically generated when you publish a data update in the app for the previous-to-primary day and primary day where Registration Hours of Operation have been set, informing app users of when the Registration is opening or closing (based on time they receive the alert). Primary Day is defined as the day with the largest increase in sessions from the previous day.


  1. If alerts are manually edited, they will not regenerate.
  2. Alerts will regenerate if deleted, assuming all conditions above are met.
  3. To prevent future regenerations of the alerts, simply turn off the Automatic Location Alerts toggle in Project Settings.
  4. This is available in EventPilot version 8.2.2+. You can locate this information in your app by going to More > About EventPilot and reviewing the app's version information.