What happens with login for Opted out users in Maritz (Experient) registration?

Modified on Tue, 23 May, 2023 at 3:41 PM

To review the specific set up for your project, please speak to your Project Manager as this may not apply to your event.

Maritz allows attendees to opt out of releasing information during the registration process, which changes first and last names to OPTOUT in the Maritz attendee data. Opted out attendees are blocked from logging into the app and are not included in the attendee list.

Impacted data sets:

  • Attendee List
  • Authentication

In order to log into the app or to appear on the attendee list, attendees need to change their setting in Maritz. Please inform your attendees how to change that setting or who to contact if they are unable to login.

Test the login experience using an opt out registration - the system should display an error message specific for the reason why the user cannot log in and to change their opt out to opt in.

3 Tips to Communicate Opt In

1) Display prompt during registration

Contact your Maritz account manager to request displaying a prompt when a user chooses to opt out. The prompt would include text to inform the user that they will not be able to log into the event platform or mobile app unless they opt in. 

2) Customize the EventPilot login screen

  1. Log in to the Conference App Builder and navigate to Settings > App Settings
  2. Scroll to the field Login Instructions and copy/paste the following:

Note: If you selected opt out during your registration, you will not be able to log into the app. Please update your setting by accessing your registration online or

<a href='https://ews.experientevent.com/realtimeservices/help.html' target='_blank' rel='external'>submit a ticket</a> for assistance.

If you have a direct link to the registration page, you can include that as well. Ensure to add target='_blank' and rel='external' in your link in HTML. For example:

<a href='https://www.mycompany.com/registration/page.html' target='_blank' rel='external'>Click here</a>

3) Update the App Help Page

  1. Log in to the Conference App Builder and navigate to Design > Custom Views
  2. Find the custom view App Help. and click the Pencil icon to edit
  3. Drag in a new Title object from the left hand side into the builder on the right and add the title Can't log in?
  4. Drag in a new Paragraph object from the left hand side into the builder on the right 
  5. Click the Pencil icon hovering over your new paragraph object
  6. Add any details about the opt out and how to opt in in the text field. 
  7. In the paragraph editing dialog, click the <> symbol to edit the source code to ensure that any links contain the target and rel parameters. For example, your Maritz ticket submission link would need to appear like this in HTML:
    <a href='https://ews.experientevent.com/realtimeservices/help.html' target='_blank' rel='external'>Submit a ticket</a>