What is PosterBridge Connection?

Modified on Wed, 21 Feb 2024 at 04:07 PM


At in-person conferences, a poster is only at their poster for a short period of time, but usually not the entire time their poster is displayed. So how do interested attendees connect with the presenter? Organizers or presenters have used envelopes or fishbowls to collect attendees' business cards so the presenter can follow up after the event to share additional details about their poster.

EventPilot's PosterBridge Connection brings this very same idea into the app - whether your event is in-person, fully virtual, or hybrid!

Onsite Events

Attendees who are interested in learning more about a particular poster can submit their contact information to the poster presenter with the push of a button (media item link - see Virtual Events below). Alternatively, if you require physical presence at the poster onsite, you can use a QR code instead of the media item. EventPilot generates QR codes you can print on Avery label stickers and affix on the individual posters. Attendees use the native iOS or Android EventPilot app to scan the QR code in order to leave their contact information with the poster presenter.

Virtual Events

A media item allows attendees to submit their contact information to the poster presenters directly via a media item.

Poster presenters can then download a list of names and emails to follow up with. 

From the session detail view, attendees can click a graphic banner or link with icon. You can design the banner or icon so it matches your overall branding. 

After clicking, attendees will see a confirmation that their contact info has been submitted to the presenter.

Presenter Experience

Presenters can download the list of names and email addresses that have been submitted for their presentation session. 

When the presenter clicks the info request button, the presenter will see an option to download a contacts list in form of a CSV file. This file is formatted so it can easily be imported into any email or contact management program. 

You can also send out the CSV files to the poster presenters after the conference with the click of a button.  


  1. Add the list of Presenter usernames to specify who can be contacted / can download a contact CSV for their posters/presentations
    1. Follow the steps in this knowledge base article to properly set up the CMS. This article includes information on how to ensure that speakers have access to attendees who have requested their poster.
  2. To use a custom icon or banner graphic for the media item, contact your Project Manager.