How do I integrate the Online Planner with my website?

Modified on Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 at 12:47 PM

To create the effect of an embedded Online Planner, add a screenshot of the Planner to your website and link the image to open the Planner in a new window. 

It is not recommended to use an embedded iframe to access the online planner from a different domain as this violates CORS and can result in errors and poor user experience. Any embedded planners are not supported.

Example HTML:
<a href="https://plannerURL" target="_blank" alt="Launch the Online Planner"><img src="yourImage.jpg" alt="Online Planner Preview"/> </a>

Replace the "yourImage.jpg" with a graphic you would like to display on your web page.

Replace the "https://plannerURL" with your Online Planner URL.

How to find your Online Planner URL: 

  1. Log into the Conference App Builder
  2. Select Home > Planner 
  3. Look for the header Your Planner Link and use the Copy Link button to easily copy your Online Planner URL and paste it into your website.

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