I need to make a small change to my map graphic but the locations have been pinned already?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 4:35 PM

You can replace your map graphic at any time. As long as the image in the graphic has not changed (other than your small modification), you can simply replace the image and the pins will appear in the same locations. 

If you however scale the image, change the size in any way, etc. so that locations between your old graphic and the new graphic do not exactly overlap, then you must pin all your locations again. 

Tip for making small changes 

  1. Download the existing floor plan image from the Conference App Builder > Maps > Floor Plans > select the download button next to the graphic you want to update
  2. Update the downloaded image in any graphic editor with your small change
  3. Save the graphic with a different name - ensure your file size did not increase and that you did not change the dimensions of the image. 
  4. Back in the Conference App Builder, click the pencil icon for the graphic you want to update. Replace the image with the new one you just edited.


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