How should I format my locations? (Character limits and best practices)

Modified on Tue, 18 Jul 2023 at 03:40 PM

How do locations appear in the app?

Your attendees can discover all the need-to-know information about a session, including its location, from the session detail view. The EventPilot apps are optimized for mobile devices, so this information is thoughtfully placed to make the best use of a smartphone's limited screen size. 

Here is an example. The location of this session is Ballroom B. 

How should I format my locations?

When choosing a format for your locations, please consider the following: 

  1. So that they appear completely on most devices, locations should be under 20 characters. Long location names will be ellipsized on small screens. 
  2. Locations should begin with the room name. If you include the name of a venue, it should come second (like a suffix).
  3. When possible, omit or abbreviate common terms. You may not need to use "Room 102" if simply "102" will be clear to your attendees. 

Example: "Boston Convention Center - Third Floor - Room 303" is very long. Most devices cannot display the location in full and, since the most specific information will come last, that is what will be offscreen. For example, a user may only see "Boston Conv...

To improve this, we could (1) reorder so the room number comes first, (2) omit "Room" and "Third Floor" as that information is extraneous, and (3) abbreviate the term "Convention Center" since users will know what this means since they know where the conference is taking place. The location becomes just "303 - Boston CC," which is much better optimized for mobile devices. 

Other Tips

  • Users can rotate their device to landscape mode to view slightly longer locations. 
  • If you have pinned your locations via the EventPilot Conference App Builder, attendees can tap to see the pinned location on the map. This will also display the location name in full. 
  • If you would like to include a longer or alternate location name, you can place it at the top of your description field. Pro users: Feel free to contact your Project Manager for specific recommendations for your project. 
  • Review the following article to avoid unsupported characters: Can I use symbols like commas, semicolons, etc. for locations (rooms, booths)?