How to use the Intelligent Room Overflow Indicator?

Modified on Sun, 07 Apr 2024 at 04:31 PM

The Intelligent Room Overflow Indicator provides a guide to help you identify session rooms that may exceed capacity, allowing you to set up alternate arrangements, such as a supplementary room to screen a livestream of the session.

Improve Session Planning

Make informed decisions about when and where to record sessions or establish overflow areas in advance

Enhance Safety Compliance

Be prepared for likely overcrowding and prepare onsite staff to manage

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Direct your staff and resources where they are needed most and enhance operational effectiveness

Contact your Project Manager if the feature is included in your implementation or how to upgrade. 


Overflow Indicator Setup

To take advantage of the room overflow indicator, please work with your project manager:

  1. Identify the room locations that you would like to monitor.
  2. Provide the capacities of these rooms. Please indicate the room names exactly as they display in your sessions' location data.

Your project manager will set up the tool once your conference maps are finalized and the pinning is completed. 

You can begin to use the Overflow Indicator once users have scheduled sessions in your EventPilot conference app. 

How to use the Overflow Indicator

  1. Access your project in the App Builder
  2. In the left menu, navigate to Analytics > Overflow 
  3. Select a date to review the overflow likelihood. If you have many location capacities listed, it may take a minute to load per day. 

Color Indicators: The saturation of the color represents room occupancy; a darker shade suggests a higher likelihood for overflow.

Overflow Alert: Sessions with a high likelihood to exceed room capacity are marked in red for easy identification. Additionally, a red warning icon appears next to the session's location on the left-hand side, signaling a higher risk of overflow.

This system is designed to help you quickly assess and manage room capacities, ensuring a smooth experience for attendees.

Disclaimer for Overflow Indicator

The Overflow Indicator is designed to assist in estimating potential attendee interest and managing session capacities based on current user interactions and preferences logged within our system. It provides an indication of possible overflow scenarios to help in planning and resource allocation for event organizers. Please note the following limitations and conditions of use:

  1. Estimation Not Prediction: The Overflow Indicator provides estimates based on the number of expected attendees and the number of logged-in users who have added a session to their schedule. These estimates are not predictions and should not be solely relied upon for making final arrangements regarding event space and resources.

  2. Exclusions: The tool's estimations do not apply in scenarios where events offer hybrid components (both in-person and virtual participation options) or sessions that require special registration processes, including but not limited to paid workshops, VIP sessions, or any other activities that involve separate attendee confirmation.

  3. Variability: The accuracy of the Overflow Indicator may vary across different events and client experiences. Factors such as last-minute attendee behavior changes, actual attendance rates, and unforeseen event dynamics may significantly influence the actual overflow situations, deviating from the tool's indications.

  4. Use at Own Risk: While we strive to provide useful tools to assist in your event planning, reliance on the Overflow Indicator for making final decisions regarding event capacity and resource allocation is at your own risk. We recommend incorporating a margin of safety in your planning and considering multiple sources of information when preparing for potential attendee overflow.

  5. No Liability: ATIV Software accepts no liability for any losses or damages arising from the use of the Overflow Indicator, including but not limited to financial losses, reputational damage, or any adverse impact on the event experience.

By utilizing the Overflow Indicator, you acknowledge and agree to the limitations and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. We encourage open communication and feedback on the tool's performance to continuously improve its accuracy and usefulness for our clients.