I need to change permissions. What happens if an exhibitor already added content?

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec, 2023 at 1:50 PM

Any content exhibitors have already updated in their profile will be stored in the system. 

Main Content

If exhibitors already added a logo, URL, email, or description and remove the ability to edit any of these items, the following happens: 

  • The already edited content is stored in the system and displays to your end users.
  • The fields you toggled off display as disabled to the exhibitor in the portal. The exhibitor can no longer edit those fields.

Web Links

If exhibitors already added web links and you reduced the max number or links or set web links to 0, the following happens:

  • The already added web links are stored in the system and display as media items in the exhibitor detail view. 
  • The exhibitor 
    • can continue editing existing web links they had previously added.
    • can delete any web links they had previously added.
    • cannot add new web links above the max you have set.


Imagine, you had set up a specific exhibitor type to add 1 link. 

One of your exhibitors with that type added a web link to a product fact sheet on their website. 

You now decide to no longer allow this exhibitor type to add any links. You change the permissions from 1 to 0.

The exhibitor can open their profile and still access the web links tab in the edit dialog. The exhibitor can edit the existing link and also delete the existing link. If deleted, the exhibitor can not add a new link. Next time they access the edit dialog to update their profile, they won't even see the web link tab anymore since they are not allowed to add any web links and had deleted the one they previously added. 

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