After I deleted an exhibitor, I am seeing orphans in my media table?

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec, 2023 at 1:24 PM

If you are using the Exhibitor Portal and an exhibitor has already added links, those links are added to your media data table. If you then delete that exhibitor, you have two options how to manage the media data: 

Option 1: Delete the Media Item

  1. Click on the ID in the orphan bar, this opens the media detail view
  2. Click the trash can icon and confirm the deletion
  3. Repeat with any other media item that is now orphaned
  4. Publish a data update to the app

Option 2: Clear the Orphan

Keep the media item in the dataset and only remove the connection to the exhibitor ID (that exhibitor ID doesn't exist anymore because you deleted that exhibitor or it is no longer part of your source data import). The media items can still be found via search and remain part of the program. 

  1. Click Clear Orphans in the orphan bar
  2. Publish a data update to the app