An .ics file is a calendar format you can export from the native apps to import into any calendar app. To just share your personal agenda with others, we recommend using the Export features from the Online Planner. The Online Planner includes export formats for easy sharing such as a spreadsheet (.csv) format or PDF file. Please check with the organizer if the app implementation includes the Online Planner.

If you want to simply take a look at an .ics file without adding it to your calendar application, you can open the file with any text editor program. 

You can also turn any .ics file into a spreadsheet by converting the .ics into .csv file format:

Open .csv in Google Spreadsheets
  1. Google Drive > New > File Upload > and select your csv file

Open .csv in Excel
  1. Open Excel with a new document
  2. File > Import > CSV file > Import button > select the saved .csv file > Get Data
  3. Select Delimited > Next (leave Tab and Comma as the delimiters and leave Text qualifier as double quotes) > Next > Finish > OK