How do I moderate the Activity Feed? How can I remove inappropriate comments? Can attendees flag comments for removal?

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 10:48 AM

Users can flag any inappropriate comments by clicking on the menu next to a comment either in the activity feed or in a particular discussion chat.
If you are the Project Owner, you will receive an email when posts are reported in the app.

You can use the Conference App Builder to review and remove any flagged comments. 
  1. Log into the Conference App Builder and access the Home page of your project
  2. Scroll down to the Administration section and select User Moderation
  3. A new window appears where you can:
    1. Search for specific users, comments, photos, or social media posts
    2. Filter for posts that were reported by users
  4. Click the appropriate tab, e.g. Comments
  5. You can press the Delete Comment button beside any offending comment. 

    1. If a comment was reported in error, click the kebab (three dots) menu > Un-Report Post

  6. If a certain user is misusing the platform, you can search for them in User Management and choose Block User to prevent that user from participating in chat anywhere in the app

When you remove comments, photos, or X (formerly Twitter) posts, they may not immediately disappear from the Activity Feed as the feed is cached locally on devices. Removed comments disappear from the individual discussion topic in real time. 

To control what types of posts appear in the activity feed, visit the Conference App Builder > Settings > App Settings > Activity Feed.

The Activity Feed on the home screen on your planner or the native apps pulls in new content in set intervals. For comments and photo posts, this is typically every 5 minutes, depending on server load. For X (Twitter) posts, please see this article for details on when content is pulled. The Activity Feed displays a maximum of 400 posts.