How do I find my notes that I took in the app or the items I've bookmarked?

Modified on Wed, 12 Oct, 2022 at 12:01 PM

Automatic Post Event Email

If you were logged into the app or online itinerary planner, EventPilot will automatically send you an email containing all your bookmarked items and notes. The content is organized in your email body itself plus in an attached PDF for easy archiving. 

If you have used the Contacts feature and scanned contact QR codes or manually added contacts, all contacts are included in the email as an attachment. 

Ensure you are logged into the app before the event ends and that you receive emails from (add that email address to your contacts in your email program to avoid the email going to your spam folder). 

Online Planner (Desktop)

  1. Open the Online Planner and ensure you are logged in
  2. Navigate to the Program tab
    Note: the organizer may have relabeled this tab. It generally looks similar to this screenshot:
  3. Click the button Export Notes & Bookmarks

Native Apps

Generally, you can email all your notes and bookmarked items to yourself. By default, the native apps have a button or tab in the More section called Bookmarks | Notes or FavoritesYour organizer may have relabeled that feature to something like "Notes and Stars" or "Bookmarks." The organizer may have removed this feature all together. 

Check the Home tab or the More tab for an option that refers to favorites, bookmarks, or notes. 

If available, you can email a report of your notes and bookmarked items to yourself by choosing Email in the upper right of the view.