How do I sync my scheduled items, bookmarks, notes, comments and messages across different devices? Synchronize with online planner?

Modified on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 12:11 PM

In order to synchronize your activity between all devices, you must log in to the platform with the same credentials. 

In the EventPilot online planner, the login option is available in the upper right. In the apps, tap More and look for an option labeled Settings or Login. Then, follow the login instructions. Depending on the specific setup for your conference, you may receive an email that requires activation before logging into the app. 

Once you are logged in on different devices, your schedule, notes, and bookmarks all sync.

Note: Internet access is required for synchronizing your data across devices and backing up your personal selections. If WiFi is slow, it may take a few minutes to sync the content. Check back after a few minutes and try visiting the visual schedule view to see if the data has been received.