Content missing from app? How do I get a data update? How do I fully restart the app?

Modified on Mon, 16 Jan 2023 at 05:08 PM

The organizers will publish updated data throughout the conference.

In order to receive the data update in the app, you must have a working internet connection with sufficient speed so that it can be downloaded. Please review the following: 

  1. You may have selected to only take data updates via WiFi only and not your cellular data plan. If this is the case, ensure you are connected to WiFi of sufficient speed.
  2. Alternately, open the login settings in the app and turn OFF "Minimize Cellular Data Use."
  3. Try turning off a VPN.
  4. Try switching to cellular if you are on WiFi, or vice-versa.

If you believe that content is missing from your app, please check the top of the Home tab for a banner that reads "Data Update Available" and tap it if there is one. (Note that data updates will apply themselves after a period of time; this tip is meant for users who are expecting a change and would like to check immediately.) 

If you are using the web app or planner, simply refresh your browser to get the latest data. 

If you are certain that you have a good network connection but you are not seeing that banner, you can try fully closing and restarting your app following the instructions below:

iOS (iPhone / iPad) 

Instructions on Apple Support Website


  1. Keep pressing the back button on the device until the app asks you if you’d like to exit. 
  2. Press OK
  3. Start the app