How do I link to a specific session, speaker, exhibitor, or abstract in the Online Planner?

Modified on Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 at 4:07 PM

For marketing purposes, you may want to link directly to a specific session / speaker / exhibitor / abstract in the Online Planner. With a special link, the Online Planner can open the detail view for an item overlaid while giving easy access to the full planner (simply click outside the overlay to access the planner). With these links, you can link to a single item (this is not designed for linking to multiple items at the same time).

You can modify your Online Planner URL to open to a particular item by following these steps: 

Look up the ID and Table

  1. In the Conference App Builder, open the tab that has the content you ultimately want to link to e.g. 
    1. Agenda sessions
    2. Speakers
    3. Exhibitors
  2. Search for the actual item to find the item's unique ID
    For example: you want to go to the session called Vascular Aging - Can We Slow It Down?  - go the Agenda Sessions tab and search for the title and find the item ID displayed on the right hand side below the edit symbol. In this case S38. Note: item IDs are case sensitive, so you must use S38 and not s38. 

Build Your URL

  1. Open your Planner link and copy / paste the URL. For example:
    Ensure you copy your own planner link as the domain could be different from the example above. 
  2. Then add the following two parameters: 
    1. &table=
      possible tables are:

      In our example, we were looking for a session, so we use agenda 
    2. &tid= where you add the item ID you looked up earlier which was S38 in our example
  3. Let's put it all together into one URL:

If you need to link to an abstract, use table=IntHtml

Please Note: Linking to media items is only supported for items of type int/html. All other items, you must link to the session or exhibitor who have the media item in their detail view. Then create the URL to the session, speaker, or exhibitor.