How are media items sorted / ordered in a detail view? Can I control the media order?

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec, 2023 at 6:03 PM


Main Data Import Source Only

In your main data source, you can add links to multiple different media items via a comma separated list of media IDs. In EventPilot Pro, your project manager can set up your project to apply the order of media items matching the order of your comma separated list. 

Associated Data Imports

Starting with EventPilot version 9.3.4 (winter 2024), associative data imports can  be used to control the order of the media items displaying in a session, speaker, exhibitor, or attendee detail view. 

  1. Using the drag icon on the far right, drag the associative import sources into the order you want your media items to appear. In the example below, all the abstracts imported as part of the Abstract Management System data import appear first, followed by all On Demand links, and lastly followed by links to disclosures.
  2. After adjusting the order, click the Import All Agenda button - the import step reassigns the display order for all media items in this table
  3. Publish 

Note: if you are importing media items, dragging individual items within the session edit view inside the App Builder will have no effect. Your media items will appear in the order of your imports. Media items with reverse association.

Manual Data Setup

If you are not using associated data imports but you are manually adding your program and media content in the Conference App Builder, you can also manually control the sort order of linked media items. 

  1. In the App Builder, open the detail view of the session, exhibitor, speaker, or attendee, where you want to control the order
  2. Use the drag icon on the right of the media item to set the order
  3. Publish a data update after your changes