EventPilot Mandatory / Pre-Set Schedule File Format Specification

Modified on Wed, 22 Mar 2023 at 12:03 PM


EventPilot Pro allows you to create a pre-determined daily schedule per attendee. Each time the attendees then access their schedule on the device, the app synchronizes with the EventPilot server if Wi-Fi is available. 


This feature must be requested before App Store submission for branded apps / before launching live to attendees for events in shell apps.  This feature cannot be added after store submission / launching.

Available Options

Mandatory Sessions Only

Scheduling in the app can be limited to mandatory sessions only, where the attendees cannot make any modifications to their schedules. Please contact your project manager at ATIV to turn off the “Add to Schedule” button in the app. 

Preload with Personalization

EventPilot can be set up so that attendees download their preset schedule once and then make adjustments after the initial download. App users can add or remove additional sessions and also make changes to the originally downloaded preset schedule (Sessions that were initially added via the download can be removed from the personal agenda by the app user).

Schedule Download and Sync for Registered Users

It is possible, to 

  1. either limit the schedule download and synchronization to only those attendees that are explicitly listed in the preset schedule file. No other app users will be able to synchronize their schedules; or

  2. allow all users to synchronize their schedules, even if they were not included in the preset schedule file. This allows you to track the data regarding all session additions/removal from schedules via the EventPilot Admin page Agenda Sessions.

File Format

The preset or pre-populated schedule is uploaded to the Conference App Builder by your Project Manager. The file must be a UTF-8 encoded .csv file and must contain two basic columns. 

Column 1: username. The username must match the username generated during login. If authentication is set up with your registration vendor, it’s usually the badge ID. If you have SSO set up for EventPilot, check with your Client Relationship Manager as usernames may have prefix. 

Column 2: comma separated list of session IDs. The session IDs must match the IDs in the database in the EventPilot Conference App Builder. For reference, your project manager can provide you with a .csv file exported from the EventPilot Conference App Builder that contains all Session IDs, Titles, Dates and Times.

Wrap the content of each cell in basic double quotes as displayed in the example below.

Do not include:

  • header or title row or 

  • additional columns.


Email Example: "johndoe@company.com","1325,34534957,1232AB,234"

Badge ID Example: "mnz521","098,2034958,92112,2394"

Preset Schedule Updates

Once you've updated the CSV file, provide the new version to your project manager.

Adding Sessions

Sessions can be added for an attendee at any time. Update the CSV file with the new session(s). 

Adding Attendees

Add a new row with the new attendee's information.