How do I add media items (like polls, surveys, closed caption links, or other URL links) to a session?

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You can associate media items, including links which could include polls, surveys, or video links or files like PDFs, to records in the app including sessions, speakers, or exhibitors. These items show up in the detail view for the record. 

Adding Media Items Manually

This option is suitable if you are managing all of your data manually in our Conference App Builder, or if you have just a few media items to add.

  1. In the Conference App Builder > Media > Media Data > Add Media
  2. Choose the type of item -- for example, External Web Link
  3. Fill in all the required fields
  4. Save
  5. The media item's details will display. Click the + button beside the type of record you'd like to associate your item to, for example Sessions.
  6. Search by name or ID to find the record > Click to select
  7. You'll now see the record associated:

Adding Media Items via CSV Imports

This approach is a better fit for larger datasets. 

Pro users: Please feel free to contact your Project Manager to have the import sources set up. 

  1. Import the Media CSV
    1. Create a CSV (we recommend using a Google Sheet) file with the following column headers:
      1. Media ID: You can make up the media ID - ensure this ID is unique and not already an ID used in the media table. IDs can be alphanumeric. This means, you could create an ID like "survey-123" or "poll-ws1"
      2. Title: This is where you add a descriptive title for the link. For example: "Survey for Session: The future of event technology"
      3. Optional Subtitle: This field is optional and displays text below the media item title. For example, you could add "Opens a web page" or "Internet access required"
      4. Type: enter "html" in the row if you are adding a link.
      5. URL: one URL starting with https://
      6. Optional Icon: This field is optional and allows you to add a URL to an icon you would like to display to the left of the media item title. Learn more about media icons.
      7. Optional Start: This field is optional and allows you to set an embargo start date. Users can see the media link but when they try to click, will see a dialog when the link will become available to click through. The content must be formatted correctly using a date/time format: YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. For example: 2022-05-31 10:00:00
      8. Optional End: Same setup as the Start field. When the user clicks on the media item after your set date/time, a dialog appears that this media item is no longer available. Use the same formatting as the Start field.
    2. For each poll or survey, complete a row and fill in the content in each field. For example (icon left out):
      poll-1,"Poll for Session: The future of hybrid events","Opens Poll Website",html,https://pollurlhere
    3. In the Conference App Builder > Media > Add a new Import Source 
      1. Add the label, e.g. Google Sheet Polls (or something else that describes where this data is coming from)
      2. Click Next 
      3. Upload your CSV or paste the link to the Google Sheet CSV URL
      4. Click Next
      5. Map your columns to the individual EventPilot fields
      6. Click Import
    4. Close the dialog by clicking outside of it and review your imported media items in the table (click on the item to open the detailed information you imported)

  2. Import the Agenda associated CSV
    1. Create a CSV (Google Sheet) file with the following column headers:
      Session ID,Media ID
    2. For each session that would display a poll or survey, complete one row. Note: a session ID can only be listed once. You can however associate multiple Media IDs to a single session. For example:
    3. In the Conference App Builder > Agenda > Add a new Import Source 
      1. Add the label Google Sheet Media (or something else descriptive where this data is coming from)
      2. Select CSV URL or CSV upload (depending if you are linking to the Google Sheet CSV URL or if you exported a CSV from Excel) 
      3. Click Advanced and select Associated 
      4. Click Next and upload your CSV or add the Google Sheet CSV URL. 
      5. Click Next
      6. Field map the Session ID column to Session IDs and the Media ID column to Media. 
      7. Click Import
    4. Import the data to link the polls (media items) to the sessions
    5. Click the Publish button and test

If you need the links to open in an external browser outside of the app, change the media type from "html" to "ext/html" which will trigger to open the link in the standalone browser app. 

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