Exhibitor Link Submission

Modified on Fri, 24 Feb 2023 at 10:04 AM

Offer your exhibitors the option to highlight information about their company by adding up to 5 links to their listing.

  • Up to 5 links per company
  • Exhibitors can edit their entry

End-User Experience

The app will display a web link media item in the exhibitor detail view which would open the devices' default browser and load the added URL website.

How do my exhibitors submit a link? 

After you have uploaded all your exhibitor data in the Conference App Builder, contact your project manager to set up 

  • the link submission form for your exhibitors
  • the import source in the media page in the Conference App Builder (this imports the actual links and converts them into media items)
  • the import source in the exhibitor page in the Conference App Builder to connect the media items with the exhibitors
  • a Google Sheet where you can look up all the submissions and also find an edit link if you or the exhibitor need to make edits to the submission (and they lost the email confirmation with that link). 

You will then receive a URL for this web form that you can share with your exhibitors. It looks similar to the example below. Exhibitors select their company name from the list in order to submit. Only one submission is allowed per company. In addition, by default, only one submission is allowed per IP address. Let your project manager know if, for example, a member of your team will need to submit for multiple exhibitors or one exhibitor will get to submit for multiple listings so that this restriction can be changed. Whenever you import new exhibitor data in the Conference App Builder, the company list in the form is updated as well. 

Once your exhibitors start submitting content, you can start importing the content into the Conference App Builder via the import sources your Project Manager has set up for you. 

How do exhibitors edit their submissions?

After exhibitors submit, they will receive a confirmation email with a link to edit their submission. If they lose that email, you can access their individual edit submission links in the google sheet that your Project Manager will share with you. 

This particular google sheet is not a data source in the Conference App Builder - any edits in that sheet will not impact the data in the Conference App Builder nor the links imported into the exhibitor data. It is only a reference for you to see what has been submitted and to access the edit links.

How do I see link usage analytics? 

The exhibitor links are converted into media items in the Conference App Builder. The analytics reports in the Conference App Builder > Overview > Insights include a detailed Media report that you can download and open in Excel for further analysis.