Why do I need separate Zoom licenses for Sessions versus Webinars?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 4:20 PM

Understanding Zoom Licenses

With the EventPilot Zoom integration, it is possible to create highly interactive Zoom Meetings or teaching style Webinars. 

Zoom Meetings are typically used for smaller breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, exhibitor presentations, networking receptions, etc.  Ideally you have under 300 attendees for these kind of events. 

Webinars are ideal for large attendee numbers such as keynotes or general presentations. The speakers join as panelists while a host controls the session. Speakers have rights to control their audio, video, and can share their screen to present. Attendees join as viewers only with very limited rights which can be controlled further by the host. Attendees can generally raise their hand or ask a question via chat. 

Imagine you have 5 concurrent sessions. This means you need 5 licenses. 

4 of your sessions are smaller breakouts, and one of the 5 sessions is very large you'd like to set up as a webinar. 

In Zoom, you will need a total of 5 licenses (matching the number of concurrent sessions). In addition, you will need to upgrade 1 license to include the Webinar feature. 

Each Zoom license in Zoom is associated with a Zoom user (email address). 

Through the EventPilot Conference App Builder, you clarify which email you have set up with the webinar license(s). 

In the Conference App Builder, you would enter the email addresses for the Zoom Meetings in the top section in Conference App Builder > Add-Ons > Virtual Sessions > Setup as a comma separated list. To avoid licensing conflicts, do not enter the email associated with the webinar upgrade in this first field.

In the next field, enter the one license that has the webinar upgrade. 

Tip: to reduce license fees, review your concurrent sessions. Do you maybe only have a single time where you have 8 concurrent sessions but all other times you only have 6? Instead of having to purchase 8 licenses, adjust your program so you always have 6 concurrent sessions and never more. Then you only need to purchase 6 licenses.