Why should I use the Zoom automation / integration instead of setting up my Zoom events myself manually?

Modified on Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 at 4:08 PM

While you can use any other video conferencing solution for your live virtual events such as webinars or meetings, if you have a Zoom license, you can benefit from a variety of features that make your life very easy planning and managing a virtual or hybrid event: 

Create hundreds of Zoom sessions with the push of a button

By merely tagging a session in your program to be either a Zoom webinar or Zoom meeting, EventPilot does all the hard work for you setting up the individual events in Zoom with the date, time, session title, and for webinars, also all the associated speakers as panelists. EventPilot knows which licenses are available when and manages all aspects of the event creation in Zoom. All presenters for webinars or meetings are automatically notified via email with the details on how to join their session. One hundred concurrent poster sessions? All set up in minutes for you by EventPilot. 

Update events in Zoom automatically

If you have changes in your program like a new speaker or a new session, EventPilot will let you know. Push a button to update the events in Zoom, create new ones, and inform speakers.

Know what to purchase

Since your entire event program is loaded into the EventPilot Conference App Builder, our system can let you know how many Zoom licenses you need and how much storage for all the recordings in Zoom.

Manage licenses automatically

When using Zoom meetings for social events, poster Q&A, or exhibitor demos, a meeting license is used per event. EventPilot prevents attendees or meeting presenters to join at the wrong time and therefore keeps your licenses controlled for the right meeting at the right time. 

Zoom licenses are like conference rooms - speakers must end on time so the room is available for the next session. EventPilot automatically clears the room a few minutes after the official session end time, ensuring the room (license) is available for the next session. 

Notify speakers and provide a timer

The speaker emails contain the details including an ics file for the speaker's calendar software to join the meeting from their computer. A countdown to the session as well as a presentation timer is provided so speakers can display on their mobile phone (like a second screen) how much time they have left to stay on track.

Show protected recordings right after live sessions

Within a few minutes of the live session, the recording becomes available. Unlike a shareable Zoom recording, it's only viewable for logged in users from within EventPilot and even includes speed controls to quickly watch missed sessions. 

Access reports matching your registration data

Zoom contains detailed reports for Webinar attendance and by using the integrated version of Zoom, the names and email addresses in the Zoom reports match the attendee info from your registration or membership data that was used to set up the authentication in EventPilot. 

View recording reports by user

EventPilot's attendance reports show you which users were interested in which recording after the live session was over. If they actually watched it - well, that's on them.