We can set up individual staff users to have access to each speaker's portal page. You can provide those users with the individual speaker upload page URLs. 

1. Provide staff username to Your CRM

The speaker portal login is linked to your planner/app authentication setup. This could be a badge ID or email address, depending on your project's setup. This typically requires registration. Ensure that the staff user(s), who should be able to upload for a speaker, are registered and can log into the planner or app successfully. 

Provide the staff username(s) to your project manager so we can set up the user(s) with special access rights.

2. Access a speaker's portal page to upload / view

  1. Go to the CMS > Add-Ons > Speaker Portal > Invite
  2. Scroll to Lookup Individual Speaker Info and enter the speaker's email address for whom you'd like to upload content
  3. Click the Display button and copy the Speaker Portal URL
  4. Provide that URL to your staff whose username you had given us in step 1. above. Your staff can log into that page just like they would log into the Planner or native app and will see that speaker's portal page. 


The URL ends with ...&t=s&p=speakerID

The speaker ID at the end is the speaker ID in your speaker table (CMS > Agenda > Speakers). Your staff user(s) with the special access rights can simply edit the characters after p= in the URL and update it with another speaker ID. This allows for easy switching between different speakers without having to look up the portal URL in the CMS.