How can I upload a file for a speaker on their behalf in the speaker portal? How can I visit a speaker's portal page? How do I add Speaker Portal Admins?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 11:13 AM

Note: This article is for conference organizers

If you are a speaker/presenter seeking to upload materials, click here

If a speaker has trouble uploading content, it is possible for you as an organizer to set up 'Portal Admins' who can upload items on your speakers' behalf. Portal Admins would be you and your team members who assist speakers.

1. Provide your staff members' usernames to the ATIV Project Manager

The speaker portal login is linked to your planner/app authentication setup. This could be a badge ID or email address, depending on your project's setup. Your staff member may have to be registered in order to log into your app. Ask the staff members who you want to set up as a Speaker Portal Admin to look up their username following the steps in this article:

How do I look up my username after I logged in?

Ensure you receive the correct case from your staff (e.g. if there are upper case letters in the username, you must provide the accurate username with those upper case letters). 

Once you have collected all the usernames, provide the list to your project manager at ATIV. Your project manager will set up your staff with the special access rights. 

2. Access a speaker's portal page to upload / view

  1. Go to the Conference App Builder > Add-Ons > Speaker Portal > Invite
  2. Scroll to Lookup and enter the speaker's email address (as it appears in the data in the Conference App Builder > Agenda > Speakers) for whom you'd like to upload content
  3. Click the Display button and copy the Speaker Portal URL
  4. Portal Admins can log into that page just like they would log into the Planner or native app and will see that speaker's portal page. They can upload on the speaker's behalf.


The URL ends with ...&t=s&p=speakerID

The speaker ID at the end is the speaker ID in your speaker table (Conference App Builder > Agenda > Speakers). Your staff user(s) with the special access rights can simply edit the characters after p= in the URL and update it with another speaker ID. This allows for easy switching between different speakers without having to look up each portal URL in the Conference App Builder