How do I schedule automatic data import and publishes? (Auto-import & auto-publish)

Modified on Fri, 29 Apr 2022 at 05:37 PM

As an EventPilot Pro user, you can schedule automatic data imports and publishes. 

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings > Project Settings > Auto Import / Publish and toggle Auto Import / Publish Live Data Enabled to ON
  2. Select an Interval, for example you want to automatically import and publish every four hours, select 4
  3. Select the daily start time, when, during the day, you want to start the import/publish. For example, you may want to start at 8am, select 8:00
  4. Select the daily end time, when, during the day, you want to end the import/publish. For example, you may want to end at 5pm, select 17:00.
  5. If you only want to import the data but you want to manually publish instead, toggle Import Data Table Only (Does not publish) to ON
  6. Select all the tables you want to import. You can multi-select several tables. For example, you can click on Agenda and then hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click on the Speakers table. Keep holding the shift key until you have selected the tables where you have import sources set up. 
  7. If the system encounters data errors during publish or import, it will automatically send the project owner an email. You can enter additional email addresses (separated by a comma), for your team members to also receive these emails. For example, someone else on your education team is responsible for the session and speaker data that is imported from your Abstract Management System. Ensure to add their email address to receive error reports. 

Auto publishing automatically stops 24 hours after the final session date in the agenda data.