The portal does not show my organization card?

Modified on Fri, 29 Dec 2023 at 02:15 PM

There are two reasons for your organization not displaying: 

The organizer disabled access to the Exhibitor Portal 

Organizers may have different reasons to turn the exhibitor portal on or off:

  • The organizer is still working on setting up the portal with the different exhibitor permissions (which fields can be edited)
  • The organizer has ended the option to edit organization profiles
  • The event has ended

The organizer has not associated your contact with your organization

A contact (exhibitor email address) must be associated with an organization. There could be various reasons why the organizer does not have your organization associated with your email address: 

  • The organization was removed from the exhibitor list
  • The organizer may have imported the exhibitor contact information but with an incorrect/non-existing organization ID
  • The organizer removed your access to prevent editing