You can link from a session detail view to any kind of survey or poll you like. 

Any links in session detail views are basically media items. 

Adding Polls or Surveys Manually

  1. In the CMS > Media > create a new media item
  2. Fill in all the required fields
  3. Associate to the session

Adding Polls via CSV Imports

  1. Import the Media CSV
    1. Create a CSV (Google Sheet) file with the following column headers:
      Media ID, Title, Description, Type, URL
    2. For each poll or survey, complete a row and fill in the content in each field. For example:
      poll-1,"Session Poll","Opens Poll Website",html,https://pollurlhere
    3. In the CMS > Media > Add a new Import Source and upload your CSV (alternatively set up your Google Sheet as an import source - step by step instructions can be found in the CMS > Support page)
    4. Map your columns to the individual EventPilot fields
    5. Import your media items
  2. Import the Agenda associated CSV
    1. Create a CSV (Google Sheet) file with the following column headers:
      Session ID,Media ID
    2. For each session that would display a poll or survey, complete one row. Note: a session ID can only be listed once. You can however associate multiple Media IDs to a single session. For example:
    3. In the CMS > Agenda > Add a new Import Source > select Associated and upload your CSV. Field map the Session ID column to Session IDs and the Media ID column to Media. 
    4. Import the data to link the polls (media items) to the sessions