How do I embargo my media items? (Start date for abstract)

Modified on Tue, 30 Aug 2022 at 10:34 AM

Media items like abstracts can be embargoed, meaning, you can limit when the link is available to your average user. This feature is only available when you import your data. The data table (CSV file, Google spreadsheet, or import from a third party abstract management system) must include a column or field with the date and time when the embargo lifts. You can also set an end date and time if you want to stop access to the content. 

Your average computer user is prevented from seeing the content through the app and a prompt appears that informs the user when the content will become available. If your content is highly sensitive, for example if the latest pharmaceutical research study could impact the stock market, then do not import into the system until the day/time when the embargo lifts to import and publish to the app or planner. 

  1. In your media CSV content, add a column with the date time
  2. In the CMS > Media > Import Source select your import source for your media items that contain the embargo date times. This brings you to the File tab.
  3. In the File tab, press the Save button on the bottom right (this triggers the system to import your column headers with your newly added embargo date column) and wait for the system to switch to the Field Map
  4. In the Field Map, ensure you are mapping your embargo date column to the Start field in EventPilot
  5. In the CMS > top left > click on Publish > Publish Proof Data 
  6. Open the proof app (only branded single or multi-event apps) or go to the Planner proof (CMS > Home > Planner > click the proof link) and navigate to your media item. Test your embargo.

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